Musings of a Palestinian Princess: Travelling to Ramallah Today

Musings of a Palestinian Princess

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Travelling to Ramallah Today

What a day... I was originally going to go to Jenin, and with a last minute call from my friend I decided not to. Rumors were about the city that Israeli's will enter and kill El Jihad Islam supporter or something along those lines, so I decided not to go, but I was up early and ready, so I thought I might as well have fun today, so with a quick call to my friends in Ramallah, I went there. Luckily, I didn’t go to Jenin because 2 Palestinians were killed and one Israeli solder was severely wounded.

So, I went to the checkpoint and passed today, no problems, just a short line and the soldiers were nice and actually a bit smiley today, I took a photo for you guys! Aren’t I sweet, lol... Anyway, I got to Ramallah and had a good time! You can see a picture of my delicious Hamas Lemonade I had in the next post!

Anyway, when I went home, what a headache I have. I am not sure why, yet, but they closed up the main road, so the cab had to go through all of the back roads, so I had a nice tour of villages today. The roads were so bumpy and curvy and some made for just one car, so since all of these people were returning home, we were following each other like a convoy. Finally, we reached the end where it connects to the main road and it was packed. I mean there were so many cars, Palestinian and Israeli plates. Well, the driver needed to go to Jenin actually and I had like 3 km until my checkpoint to enter my city so, I jumped out of the car and walked all the way to my city. There were so many soldiers and I'm so nosey I had to find out. When I was in the cab, the rumor from numerous phone calls with people from the cities said that the settlers closed the roads and were protesting hamas winning, and that's why the soldiers after Berziet had us go through the villages, but I am not sure how accurate that was. Because when I got out of the cab, I saw some soldiers speaking with a settler and also while walking I stopped one and asked him what the commotion was and he nicely told me that "they were looking for someone." So I don't know too much information. Anyway, I walked my ass to the checkpoint, passed it, got a cab and now I am home 3 hours later and I have a headache. I was really thinking about writing something profound today but my head hurts and all I want to do is take a shower and sleep. I promise I will write something more interesting tomorrow. Goodnight guys!


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