Musings of a Palestinian Princess: June 2006

Musings of a Palestinian Princess

I'm just your average princess just under occupation...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Im Upstate!

So guys, just wanted to let you know that I made it to upstate New York! Im having a nice and relaxing time with my family!

I will be writing in this blog from time to time. Atleast once or twice a week or whenever I get that urge to write, you know! So keep checking back. I return to Palestine August 11 and then I will continue with the humdrum of my regular life.

I will be writing more soon... For now take care everyone!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Living it Up in NYC

So as you all may know I am in New York... And it feels SO good! I have seen a lot of my old friends from school and have been going out almost every night! I was thinking I have jet lag but I think I just need to relax, but I am just trying to cram as much fun as I can until August, you know!

Well, I just thought it would be interesting to bring up the fact that I need to leave Palestine in order to enjoy being Palestinian and Arab. Ok, I mean, if you are in Amman you can go to places like Fez and have fun, but its not like the states! I mean here I am in New York, listening to Haifa Wehbe's "wawa" and actually enjoying it! Getting on top of the bars and belly dancing and people think its normal and not assuming you are a prostitute or something, hahaha!

Its liberating to be free and to be able to act as you wish without anyone looking at you with the "bad" eye.

In Palestine, we are depressed, we have the occupation and dealing with so many issues we can't even think about fun but I think its also normal Arabic mentality to be conservative in nature. So even when you are having fun in places like FEZ in Amman, you have to remember that not everyone thinks that the night life is normal and that it is still like a taboo to do these things and that certain types of people go.

Anyway, I just wanted to post that I am having LOTS of FUN!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm alive, I'm alive!

I owe you all a HUGE apology! I haven't had the chance to log on for a long time, I have had way too much going on in my life but things are settling back down again. After my brothers wedding, I went to Jordan and I was there for a couple of weeks and now I am in New York, I will be here until mid August. It feels good to be out of Nablus for a while and kind of scope out some business opportunities while I am here (thats the purpose of my trip). I will definately be returning at the end of summer but this time with something to do. Im kind of investigating business opportunities here, so if anyone has any connections with a business that will go over well in Palestine let me know!

I feel really bad, thanks for everyones concern about me and my where abouts. I am really really sorry to worry all of you all. But its nice to see how much you all care, awwww, thanks! I feel the love!

As for a couple of you who wanted to know if I am for "real." I am seriously, your average Palestinian girl from Nablus. I don't want anyone to know "EXACTLY" who I am, because the minute I say my last name I will be able to be located as my family is pretty well known. As for my name Lucy Widaad, it is my first name only, I have 2 first names as a lot of christians, as Widaad is my given name and Lucy is my baptised name. As for my counter being Turkish, I have lots of Turkish friends and was given that "script" so that I can see the people on my site! I hope that clears some stuff up... Now I am off to read my mail and myspace messages, sorry guys for such a long delay.