Musings of a Palestinian Princess: November 2007

Musings of a Palestinian Princess

I'm just your average princess just under occupation...

Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm Seriously Back Now!

Hi guys,

I didn't abandon you... really I didn't. I have just been living in a fantasy life for a while! For the past year I have been living a hollywood like romance and honestly had no time to write! Love makes you do stupid things, like forgetting your blog... But I am back now with a vengeance!

Since I have last posted, I GOT MARRIED. Yes, thats right, Lucy D. is no longer Lucy D. I am now a Mrs. Lucy!

I plan on writing to this blog more often. Currently, I am living in Long Island with my husband. Most of the work I do are at home gigs... The voice of my blog may change as I am not on the frontlines anymore. I get to look at Palestine, my country, my love with different eyes... Actually, the blogs tone might take on my experiences here in the USA as a Palestinian woman. But then again, I'm in New York and I am sure thats different than being a Palestinian living in the midwest, right?

Anyway, miss you all lots and can't wait to catch up!