Musings of a Palestinian Princess: March 2006

Musings of a Palestinian Princess

I'm just your average princess just under occupation...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Myspace should recognize Palestine Petition

I think that MySpace should recognize PALESTINE on their country list... Visit Myspace for more details on how to sign the petition:

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jericho - The Oldest City on Earth

A sad day in Palestine again, as Israeli forces attacked a prison in Jericho to capture an "already captured" Palestinian charged with attempt to assassinate a right wing Israeli leader that supports the excommunication of the Palestinian people.

The lack of respect for Palestinian Police is undeniably disgusting and is also the root of evil with internal Palestinian problems, which, I think is the whole reason why the Police are disrespected by the Israeli's, to cause internal strife within our lands.

The internal strife I talk about, is the gangs here within Palestine. They are civilians that carry guns around the city, they shoot into the air at night, they drive around stolen cars that do not have plates, they try to intimidate their own people; they are Palestinian cowboys. They think that they alone will liberate Palestine with these archaic techniques using violence and what not when they don't understand how the world works anymore, mainly because they have probably never traveled outside of there controlled borders and there lack of formal and cultured education.

It is illegal in Palestine to have civilians carry guns but we see it everyday. The days that the Police are in the city, things feel so good and so normal. They check every car to make sure it is registered and licensed, that the driver is licensed, and no civilians in the street have guns.

You see, our system here works differently then in the rest of the world. It is illegal for us to have our own police according to Israel. If Israel decides to come into our city they warn our people that if they see anyone with a uniform they will shoot and kill him. So when things just start to feel good again, Israel decides they need to come monitor the city, which means, all police hide and all civilians are confined to there home as they drive around in there hummers, etc.

I am not sure if they showed footage of the prisoners and police as they were exiting the prison, didn't you think it was odd that they didn't have any clothes on? Well, the reason for that is, like I said, if they see you wearing a Palestinian uniform, they will be shot and killed, no warning and no questions asked.

The Israeli's do not "work with" the Palestinian Police and government to bring criminals to justice, they undermine there power and their pride instead.

I am proud and will always be proud of our government, Hamas or what not, because they will not undermine my people, my government, and the police that are working to make our country better.

We do not have any choices. We do not have any power.

How are powerless & hopeless people to act? Discuss.

Monday, March 06, 2006

For Peace - Kill the Arabs & Muslims

You know I was just reviewing my comments and I wanted to apologize for being SO sarcastic, I know I am not going to solve anything this way, but I know I am not going to solve anything anyway, whether I argue with premise or whether I am sarcastic about my situation. Sometimes I have to act this way to just deal with it.

I know Arabs suck. I know they are narcissistic, they can't laugh at themselves, they know everything, and I know they associate and feel comfortable with people that have the same beliefs as themselves, but they are still my people, especially Palestinians.

I can't dismiss Palestine as a barbaric peoples because they are fighting to keep their land and win their freedom. My family has been on this land, probably since the time of Jesus, we have a written history of my family six generations anyway, so I know that I am an original to this land.

I don't condone suicide bombings of killing of civilians, but does it make a difference if they have uniforms and target soldiers?

How can ANYONE tell me that I am wrong to feel the way I feel? Have you walked my life?

A lot of you come on here and leave your comments, and when I read them, I am just so disappointed that you can't even acknowledge what I feel as relevant but instead talk about how barbaric and low class Palestinians or Arabs are. It's irrelevant, because this is a personal blog about my life and my experiences and my feelings. How can I not be sarcastic??

How can I not be sarcastic when no one even acknowledges how I must be feeling and instead goes into all the wrong things SOME Palestinians do to encourage my occupation?

You know before the second Intifada life was really nice, Nablus was such a cool place to be and visiting family from around the country was easy. But after Sharon's visit to al-Aqsa mosque the people went crazy... Yes, I know... STUPID, STUPID, STUPID... It's the same feeling as the people that went nuts after the Muhammad caricature, again, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID... It's so easy to stir up the Muslim Arabs!

So since the world knows how to get a reaction easily from these people, its easy to piss them off and in turn control them. My point of this blog is not to talk about what has happened and why and who is right and who is wrong, but it is to talk about how to improve the people.

I mean, what kinds of comments can I make to someone who leaves this type of comment to me:

"I pray for the day Hamas has tanks, uniforms and a country. At that point they will no longer be able to hide behind the word "refugees" and finally the world will be able to watch their mass destruction on TV as the bombs, tanks and air forces combine to wipe them, and their people, from the planet so that folks around here can finally remember what it is like to breathe."

Ok, so nuke us you idiot... For Peace - Kill the Arabs & Muslims... DUH! That's all I can say, is there any other comment that justifys the comment left to me? Is there? Stay tuned for more.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Church Attacked by Israeli Terrorists

A lot of you have asked me if I city if I felt threatened or had any acts of violence or prejudice towards me since I am a Christian minority in an almost 95% Muslim city and my answer is, No.

I don't know how to explain this to a predominately western reader base I have on this blog. Even though we have different religions, we still have a respect for each other. There isn't any incident of defacing churches or anything. Even when we have activities in our churches many Muslims attend, it isn't a forbidden thing. The only thing that isn't looked upon well is if a Muslim and Christian marry, and even though it happens, the gossip is the only harmful thing that will happen.

I was prompted to write this entry after the incident in Nazareth and basically its dismissal as not an attempt as a terrorism act but instead labeled an act of "personal distress." I mean, I have a lot of personal distress but if I went and put an explosive in a Synagogue, I would for sure be labeled a terrorist because I am from the West Bank, not just a girl with "personal distress."

I am just so disappointed for not only what happened but I am more disappointed on how it is down played. And even if you read the al-jazeera article, it says "the worst ethnic violence in Israel, police killed 13 Arab-Israeli demonstrators who blocked a highway in October 2000, shortly after the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising," are people confused or something. The Arab-Israeli's are Palestinians who never left there home during the Israeli occupation, they are Palestinians. If that is considered ethnic violence, than why isnt the killings that happen in the West Bank and Gaza considered ethnic violence.

I have very little hope for this land. I hope to see freedom one day, but I don't think I will. Again, I am just a princess under occupation and I feel it.